Diving and Snorkeling in Peniche and Berlengas

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Diving in Peniche

Diving experiences for all

We have the perfect option of diving in Peniche for you, either you are looking for a 1st time experience or for a more advanced course.


Our instructors experience and professionalism guarantee your safety. We do everything to assure you will have the perfect time.

The best sports

We offer you the most amazing diving experiences in Berlengas, Farilhões and other magical spots near Peniche.

Diving courses

Open Water Diver

Diving course for beginners. You will learn the basics so you can dive without an instructor.

What's included?

Personalized training is combined with in-water practice sessions.


You will earn the SSI Open Water Diver certification that allows you to dive up to 18 meters / 60 feet without an instructor anywhere in the world.


Minimum Age: 10 years

Advance Adventurer

Perfect for those who wish to expand their knowledge and try some diving specific areas such as Peak Performance Buoyancy, Boat Diving or Deep Diving.

What's included?

5 different open water dives from five SSI Specialty programs without requiring you to complete the entire Specialty.


Certification SSI Advanced Adventurer


Minimum Age: 10 or 12 years, if Deep Diving dive is included

Open Water Diver

First diving experience

Have you ever imagined your first diving experience in Berlengas, Peniche? Could it be a more amazing spot for this experience?

Our instructors are certified and experienced so you will be in good hands and entirely safe. We supply all the necessary equipment so you can fully enjoy the opportunity!


SSI Certification


Usually our first diving experiences are held in Berlengas. However, depending on the sea conditions, it may take place on another amazing spot.

Snorkeling in Berlengas

Join us to explore the underwater beauty of Berlengas and other equally magnificent spots near Peniche.

We promise you a memorable experience, full of adventure and emotion in perfectly safe conditions as our instructors will be there the all time.

Can you resist the invitation?

Pricing Table

Diving Courses

Open Water Diver


Advance Adventurer


First diving experience

Don't miss the opportunity of being initiated on the amazing diving world!

Starting from 80€

Snorkeling in Berlengas

Explore the underwater world of this amazing island!

Starting from 55€